International Society on Acoustic Emission

Announcement of the cancellation of the WCAE 2021

We truly appreciate your continuous support of the previous WCAE and positive regard to the WCAE 2021.

The Organizing Committee of the WCAE 2021 had made a difficult decision in March, 2021 to cancel the conference this year. This difficult but necessary decision was made with the close consultation of the ISAE Executive Committee, to ensure the safety and health of all prospective participants amid the COVID-19 pandemic all around the world.

We deeply regret any inconvenience due to cancel the WCAE-2021 in Russia, despite the Russian Organizing Committee and ISAE Secretariat have done a lot of work to hold it.

We urgently expect the pandemic will end soon and the time and place of the next conference will be confirmed in near future.

We sincerely hope to get your understanding and your continued interest of WCAE.

Organizing Committee of the WCAE 2021

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